1st FAN meeting in the Czech Republic

Czech FAN

The 1st meeting of the Czech Forest and Agriculture Network (FAN) was organised in two workshops, one held on 25th May 2024 in Troubsko and the other on 30th May 2024 in Vysočina, Czech Republic. Coordinated by the BBioNets partner BIOEAST HUB CZ (BHCR), both workshops had a duration of 2.5 hours and brought together more than 26 stakeholders from the agriculture and forestry sectors (farmers, foresters, bee keepers, etc.).

Three key subjects were addressed:

  1. Identification of Current Resources, Practices, and Techniques: Participants discussed available resources, current practices and techniques applied within their respective regions and sectors, aiming to establish a comprehensive “state-of-the-art” overview for each region under the BBioNets’ study. The vast knowledge and expertise of all participants contributed significantly to the definition of this state-of-the-art framework.
  2. Identification of Needs and Potential Improvements: The workshops highlighted the pressing needs and potential improvements in the current practices. Discussions were centred around identifying how new practices or Bio-Based Technologies (BBTs) could address existing challenges and bring improvements to the current situation within their respective regions and sectors.
  3. Prioritisation of Needs: Participants prioritised the identified needs, ensuring that the most critical issues would receive focused attention moving forward. This prioritisation is crucial for guiding future initiatives and resource allocation within the BBioNets framework.

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