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1st July 2024

BBioNets is a Horizon Europe Coordination and Support Action funded by the European Union under Grant Agreement No. 101133904 (Nov 2023 – Oct 2026).

BBioNets is a thematic network that promotes and advances the work carried out by EIP-AGRI Operational Groups with respect to the management and/or processing of agricultural and forest biomass. Its objective is to incite primary producers all over Europe to embrace Bio-Based Technologies (BBTs: technologies or practices that use either non-food feedstock or circularity principles, or both, to deliver diverse products) as a way to make better use of underutilised biomass, create new diversified incomes, reduce costs through circular practices, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The multi-disciplinary consortium of the project comprises 9 partners across 6 European countries, ranging from research organisations to intermediaries, advisors and multipliers.

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BBioNets established regional Forest and Agriculture Networks (FANs) in Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland and the Czech Republic. The goal is to identify, understand and provide concrete BBT solutions to farmers’ & foresters’ needs with regard to biomass processing, value chain operations, and technology availability.

FANs act as seeds for innovation and sustainability ecosystems by:

  • engaging regional stakeholders in the identification of local/actual needs
  • helping understand regional dynamics and practices
  • co-designing suitable local solutions in terms of BBTs

Although FANs act regionally at the first stages of the project, they will confer and interact cross-regionally in the upcoming months, bolstering cooperation among primary producers, industry, policy makers and researchers at different geographical levels. They will stimulate cross-fertilisation beyond borders and bring Europe to the forefront of farming, forestry and bioeconomy with economically viable and sustainable practices.

Explore the type of upcoming FAN activities here.

BBioNets held its kick-off meeting in November 2023, in Cork, Ireland. Representatives from all organisations participating in the project were brought together to meet each other and start planning the activities of the upcoming months.

By May 2024, all FANs had assembled at least once in their respective countries. Discussions centred around available resources, applied practices and techniques and how Bio-Based Technologies (BBTs) could address existing challenges and offer solutions to primary producers’ needs in terms of biomass processing. Read more

Acknowledging the importance of partnerships with similar initiatives, BBioNets forged collaborations with numerous EU-funded projects that support primary producers throughout Europe. A productive meeting marked the beginning of an exciting chapter of collective endeavour, where collaboration is not just a strategy but a catalyst for meaningful progress.

BBioNets is the newest addition of the Biorefine Cluster Europe (ΒCE), an initiative interconnecting projects and people within the domain of bio-based resource recovery, striving to contribute to a more sustainable resource management. Learn more

BBioNets representatives attended the “EIP-AGRI Operational Groups: Innovation in practice” conference, organised by the EU CAP Network on 6-8 May 2024 in Estoril, Portugal. The project ran a booth, attracting numerous visitors. Read more

In June 2024, project partners gathered for the 2nd plenary meeting in Puławy, Poland. After several online monthly meetings, it was a pleasure for the team to actually meet again in person, recap activities carried out thus far, discuss the next steps of the project, and enjoy some quality time together. Read more

BRILIAN has published a report that includes a summary of the European policy landscape and explores the opportunities and challenges for the bioeconomy, particularly in rural areas. Read the report

The NUTRI-KNOW Community of Practice (CoP), an online forum designed to bring together individuals and organisations involved in nutrient management, has just been launched! This collaborative space will promote the exchange of knowledge, innovative practices, and solutions to challenges in the field. Interested in nutrient management? Join the CoP

PRIMED has recently announced the launch of its first Open Call, inviting end-users to test and validate their bio-based products. This initiative seeks stakeholders involved in the bioeconomy sector, including SMEs, primary producers and industry stakeholders.

Application period: Open closes on 30th September. Learn more  

As part of the ShapingBio project, a report has been established on the main strategies, collaborative structures and policy instruments in the Baltic Sea macro-region consisting of Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden. Read the report

Soil-X-Change just launched its first survey addressed to members of OGs focusing on sustainable soil and/or farm management. Join the EU-wide Soil-X-Change network to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and help build a more sustainable future for agriculture and soil health. Take the survey

The STRATUS project connects advisory bodies across Europe to accelerate the creation and sharing of knowledge on Integrated Fertilisation Management. Check out the video

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